Order your device now and receive A FREE 12 month pre-paid SIM card.

This no cost, no contract Vehicle Tracking Platform provides users with real time vehicle tracking and a 7-day history report for up to 5 vehicles on one account.

Use Free Vehicle Tracking to:

  • See real time tracking of your cars
  • Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Monitor the activities of drivers

For anyone who has been considering GPS vehicle tracking but hasn’t wanted to pay a monthly fee, or sign up to a contractual commitment, this gives them the opportunity to give it a go…for free.

Have access to your vehicles movements 24/7 and allow others to also track your travels. You will need to purchase hardware from one of our preferred partners and we will provide you with a global pre-paid SIM. This SIM is able to be used in 100 different countries and will automatically link with the service providing the strongest signal in a given area.  As a special introductory offer we provide a Free Pre-Paid SIM card for 12 months FREE tracking. Annual Data renewal fee is only $60/ device


Q   What is Free Vehicle Tracking?

A     Basically, its a web service that GPS tracking devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see your device that's installed in your vehicle. You can view it traveling in real time, run reports and view the vehicles activity on the map.

Q   How long will the platform be free?

A   Forever, though we will introduce some features with a small charge in the future.

Q   What else will I need (i.e. supported devices)?

A     You will need a tracking device, and a data SIM which we provide.

Q   What happens if I sell my vehicle? Am I able to transfer the tracking device to my new car?

A     Yes you can, just make sure you take out the device and put it into the new vehicle. All your Login details will remain the same.

Q     How do I get help using this product?

A     We have a user forum, for community support. This will be made available prior to the official launch of FreeVehicleTracking.com